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Where does my recycling go?

All residential recycling that is collected at the curb is hauled to a Material Resource Facility (MRF) located in Miami. It is owned and operated by Waste Management of Florida, Inc. At the MRF, the material is sorted, bailed, and shipped to third party wholesalers. Recycled material is then processed into new material, such as clothes, bicycles, furniture, and paper.

What happens to the non-recyclable materials?

Non-recyclable materials are removed through a combination of manual labor and mechanical processes. Non-recyclable items are shipped to a disposal facility as directed by the MRF Operator, NOT Collier County’s Landfill. To learn more about how to recycle where you live, work and play, visit

Who receives the revenue generated from recycling?

The MRF operator, Waste Management of Florida, Inc., is responsible for sorting, processing, and marketing the recyclable material. They receive the revenue generated from the commodities and are also responsible for disposal associated with the non-recyclable material.


Is recycling worth it?

In Collier County, yes, recycling does make a difference and Collier County leads by example ranking 4th in the State for recycling. Last year, Collier County residents recycled over 35,000 tons of material at the curb, that would have otherwise been landfilled. Most recyclables, like glass and plastic, do not readily decompose taking up valuable space in the County’s only active landfill. The value of recycling is in preserving our paradise. Recycling is an environmental stewardship that keeps our beaches, lakes and natural preserves pristine for future generations.

The recycling industry is a commodity-driven market, subject to economic fluctuations, adapting to the supply and demand of the world markets. More commercial industries are making products from recyclable materials, thereby increasing the domestic value of these recyclables. Recycling is vital to the manufacturing supply chain.

What do I do if I see recyclables and garbage mixed by the collector?

Call 239-252-2380, Collier County Utility Billing and Customer Service. Collier County reached a 74% recycling goal because of YOUR EFFORTS. As for commercial recycling, Collier County maintains a Recycling Ordinance that requires all businesses to recycle its’ primary recyclable material. For a list of known recycling commercial haulers, or assistance assessing your recycling program needs, call a Recycling Coordinator at (239) 252-7575 or email

How can I help?

Collier County is ranked 4th in the state with a recycling rate of 74%. Help us increase this rate by feeding your yellow top recycling bin this:
Glass – Clear, brown, and green colored glass bottles and jars
Plastic – Bottles, jars, jugs, and tubs labeled 1-5 and 7
Metal– Food and beverage cans
Paper – Clean, cardboard, cartons, magazines and newspapers

Make sure that recyclables are clean, dry and loose. Also, plastic bags are not allowed in curbside recycling. If you are ever in doubt, throw it out or call us at 239-252-7575.

To properly dispose of other environmentally sensitive items, like used oil or paint, visit one of Collier County’s Recycling Drop-Off centers. To find a recycling center near you or to view a list of acceptable material, visit

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